Preschool Room

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I have been with St. Michaels as a permanent ECE Teacher for 12 years. I started as a co-op student in 1997. My placement was in the Toddler room where I had the opportunity to work closely with Novea – I learned nothing but the best from her.

The love of children and knowing that I have the opportunity to mould, teach and watch them grow in their early stages of childhood are what lead me to early child care. The friendships I have made and the families I have met along the way have helped me decide to stay.

I enjoy creative arts and reading books to children – and I love the experience of being able to work with past and present children, helping them in their development and continuing to be a role model to them.

When I meet prospective parents I often tell them that St. Michaels is a warm and welcoming environment with dedicated staff who ensure the best quality care for the children here.


I have been working at St. Michaels as an Assistant Teacher since 1988. This December will mark my 25th year anniversary. At an early age, I showed great interest in working with children and always knew that I would lead myself to this career path.

My favourite thing about working at St. Michaels is having the opportunity to teach and guide children, being a role model to them. I started as a co-op student. My first placement was the Toddler room. Novea was my teacher and she guided me in the right direction to pursue my career with children – and I’ve never turned back.

Outdoor programming is my most favourite activity here – especially during the summer – because we are able to plan fun and exciting activities for the children. We also have great entertainment visitors that our centre arranges for the children.

I have stayed with St. Michaels for all these years because I have built lasting relationships with children, parents and staff. I would tell prospective clients that St. Michaels is a very warm and friendly place where the staff enjoy what they do.


I have been at St. Michaels for the past 3 years – I originally came to the centre after responding to a job advertisement that was posted at my high school. I have always enjoyed helping and being with young kids, and I’ve stayed with the centre because of the staff here, their professionalism and caring.

My favourite thing about working at the centre is when parents tell me how much it means to them that I am taking care of their children. My favourite activity at the centre is circle time with the children.

The one thing that I’d like to tell parents who are looking for early child care and trying to choose a centre is that at St. Michaels and All Angels Day Care we are understanding towards the parents and children that come here and to let them know and feel that this place can be like a second family to them.


I have been at St. Michaels for 5 years and the thing that brought me to early child care is that I am very passionate and committed to working with young children. It is very rewarding to watch their growth and development every day. I’ve stayed at St. Michaels because of the bonds I form with the children and their families and because I am very happy to be a part of the wonderful team of caregivers at this centre.

I love coming to St. Michaels every day knowing that we are doing the best job possible to provide a wonderful, safe and positive environment for children where we are focused on making sure they have fun and where we give them the best possible learning experiences that will help them develop and get ready for kindergarten and life.

I enjoy outdoor play with the children because I get to see them run around, play with their friends and be free.

I am truly grateful for the many wonderful families I have met here and I look forward to future families who decide to join St. Michael and All Angels Day Care Centre.


I have been a part of the St. Michaels staff for 15 years now.

I have always had a passion and dream of working with children. In high school, I decided to take a co-op in childcare and it led me to live my dream working with children and it furthered my knowledge and experience.

I started co-op at St. Michaels and gained a lot of experience from the ECE staff and so I decided to continue my career where I learned so much.

My reasons for staying with the daycare: I loved the staff, I love that it’s a diverse environment and I love the neighbourhood.

My favourite thing about working here are the children and the fact that every day we come up with new ideas to expand their minds.

My favourite activity is Circle time as it focuses on reading, singing, show-and-tell where the kids also take a huge part in the activity with their teachers.

I would have to say to look for a diverse, friendly staffed daycare that can provide all the needs and wants you as a parent.


The first time I started working at St. Micheal’s, I was a summer student and I did it for two years. It was a growing experience and I’m glad to say that I came back. Since late September of 2016, I have worked part-time primarily for the Junior Preschool room. Although I have not been at St. Micheal’s for very long, I feel like I have learned so much that I will carry for the rest of my life.

My favourite part of working with the children is outdoor time because it feels like there’s more room to be silly, encourage group play and really express their uniqueness. I love it as it’s such a positive experience to share in their joy and happiness.

I am constantly surprised and delighted by the children’s ability to grow and learn. I still feel surprised when I hear from parents that their kids talk about me at home. It really humbles me to think about how childcare workers have impacted their lives and it encourages me to be the best that I can.

Working at the daycare really reminds me that everyone is constantly learning no matter what age you are and that the best we can do is be open and help others on the way. The staff at St. Micheal’s have shown me this through how warm and caring they are to the children, parents and each other. I look forward to the rest of my time at the daycare and know that working here has made me a better person.