Sn. Preschool Room



I have been with St. Michaels as a permanent ECE Teacher for 12 years. I started as a co-op student in 1997. My placement was in the Toddler room where I had the opportunity to work closely with Novea – I learned nothing but the best from her.

The love of children and knowing that I have the opportunity to mould, teach and watch them grow in their early stages of childhood are what lead me to early child care. The friendships I have made and the families I have met along the way have helped me decide to stay.

I enjoy creative arts and reading books to children – and I love the experience of being able to work with past and present children, helping them in their development and continuing to be a role model to them.

When I meet prospective parents I often tell them that St. Michaels is a warm and welcoming environment with dedicated staff who ensure the best quality care for the children here.



I have been working at St. Michaels as an Assistant Teacher since 1988. This December will mark my 25th year anniversary. At an early age, I showed great interest in working with children and always knew that I would lead myself to this career path.

My favourite thing about working at St. Michaels is having the opportunity to teach and guide children, being a role model to them. I started as a co-op student. My first placement was the Toddler room. Novea was my teacher and she guided me in the right direction to pursue my career with children – and I’ve never turned back.

Outdoor programming is my most favourite activity here – especially during the summer – because we are able to plan fun and exciting activities for the children. We also have great entertainment visitors that our centre arranges for the children.

I have stayed with St. Michaels for all these years because I have built lasting relationships with children, parents and staff. I would tell prospective clients that St. Michaels is a very warm and friendly place where the staff enjoy what they do.