Infant Room



I have been working at St. Michaels for 8 years now. I was first introduced to early Child Care by High School Co-Op programs and knew from the beginning that this was where I belonged. I was influenced by several family members who are Educators and this further helped give me direction.

After completing my ECE diploma, I moved to Toronto and interviewed at many daycare centres. I was impressed with the warm and professional manner at St. Michaels and could see that they cared for their staff. St. Michaels has become my second home. We all share the common values and passion to provide the highest quality care and for the children and we are all committed to helping the child grow and develop.

As the Head ECE of the Infant Room I have had the pleasure to watch my infants progress through our high quality programs and become well-rounded young children.

I enjoy teaching arts and crafts to the infants and enjoy watching their sense of discovery.

Our professional and supportive staff help parents through the challenging transition from home care to outside day care. We are all aware of the importance of supporting parents and children through this transition. We take pride in the knowledge that we become the child’s second family.



I have been working at St. Michaels since 2008 (5 years). Prior to my studies and work, I raised three daughters of my own. As they grew up I learned that I enjoy spending time with kids and wanted to pursue that as a career.

I was a supply teacher and after working at St. Michaels a few times I found that I really enjoyed my time here. I am surrounded by kind, high-spirited people who make me feel like I am part of a family.

I enjoy interacting with the kids with activities such as singing and dancing.

As a parent myself I understand the need to find security in my child’s everyday surroundings. So here I can assure them that St. Michaels provides every child with love, care and safety.


I have been working at St. Michaels since 1992 (21 years). I used to babysit for friends and family and I knew in my heart that one day I would work with children as a career.

I did my placement from George Brown College. I liked the centre and became very comfortable with the staff here and of course I loved the children. The thing that has made me stay is that St. Michaels is a loving and caring environment, it feels like a second home.

My favourite thing about working here is the staff and the children. I look forward every morning to come to work and see my infants.

My favourite activity in the centre is Creative. I love doing Creative with babies as they get so excited by the gate waiting to do the activity and most of all having fun.

I would tell the parents that St. Michaels is a loving and stimulating, respectful, and bias-free environment and that the staff always meet the needs of both children and parents.


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