Other Staff

Kassandra C.
ECA, Float Supply

My name is Kassandra Cornejo, and I have worked alongside St. Michael’s for the past two years. I started in 2021 as a summer student in the Summer Canada Jobs program. I loved the environment and staff I worked with and came back in 2022 and 2023. I am currently an official part-time staff member. I am also attending Toronto Metropolitan University in the Early Childhood Studies program.

Ever since I was a child, I always enjoyed working with children. In elementary school, I would often help in kindergarten, reading children’s stories or helping the teacher with tasks. This passion grew as I gained younger cousins I cared for. Having St. Michael’s as my first job inspired me to continue in Early Childhood Education. 

Throughout my time at St. Michael’s, I have learned to work in a team setting, gained skills that would assist me in becoming successful in my future, and learned more about the development of children.

The dedication and commitment at St. Michael’s are a great environment to be surrounded by. I am thankful to have supportive and kind staff members alongside the wonderful children I am proud to work with.

Zarlasht A. (Zaria)
ECA, Float Supply

My name is Zaria and I have been with St. Michael and All Angels Daycare Centre for over 4 years. In my years with SMAAD, I have been able to work with all the children ages (from Infant to Jr. preschool).

I have a true passion for working with children and it’s my goal to make sure each child feels loved and cared for as the individual they are!

There is no better feeling than knowing you have helped to brighten a child’s day and seeing their faces and expressions while they experience and learn new things.

What I love about being a part of SMAAD is the love and care from the amazing supervisor (Novea Lawson) for the children and the staff!

The past 4 years working with children has been amazing and I look forward to many more years in this field.

Stefano S.
ECA, Office / Float Supply

Hi, I’m Stefano Soares 

As a part of the St. Michaels and All Angels Day Care Centre team, my journey here holds a special place in my heart. You see, I once walked these halls as a child, and now, I have the privilege of being a part of the team that nurtures the next generation.

In the office, I work alongside my amazing supervisor, Novea. She’s not just a mentor but a guiding light who has helped me step out of my comfort zone. With her support and guidance, I’ve grown both personally and professionally. Working with Novea is as fulfilling and fun as working with the children we care for.

I’m also fortunate to collaborate with my wonderful colleagues, Delina and Susie. Their presence in the office elevates our environment and adds to the positive atmosphere at SMAAD. Being a FLOAT staff also allows me to be hands-on in the various rooms wherever help is needed, gaining the skills necessary to work with Infants, Toddlers, and Preschool ages.

You may know me as the friendly face who greets your children every morning at drop-off. It’s a role I take to heart, ensuring that each child feels welcomed and ready for a day filled with learning and laughter. I look forward to continuing this fulfilling journey, making a difference in the lives of both children and parents at SMAAD.

Delina T.
ECA, Office / Float Supply

My name is Delina Tesfa, and I adore my role as an Early Childhood Assistant (ECA) because I genuinely believe that children are the future. What truly melts my heart are those heartwarming moments when I’m greeted by those radiant smiles, and the kids can’t wait to run into the office and say hello.

I’ve had the incredible privilege of working with children for quite some time and their boundless enthusiasm and curiosity are truly infectious. Those precious interactions never fail to put a big, beaming smile on my face and remind me of the incredible impact we can have on their lives.

Growing up, I was actively involved in my community, volunteering and learning so much about the joys and challenges of child development. These days, you can often find me in various rooms, as I have the privilege of floating and working closely with all the children. Whether it’s in the classroom, the playroom, or the outdoor spaces, I love being where the action is, ensuring that I can contribute to every child’s growth and development.

Here at SMAAD, I have built professional relationships and genuine, lasting friendships with the children and their parents. The bonds we create today will help shape the brighter future we all look forward to. 

Tamara M.
ECA, Kitchen Staff

Hi, I’m Tamara! I’m from Cuba and graduated with a Diploma in Geophysical.. I worked as a Technical Drawer for a few years and then as a Geophysical Technician for a long time then came to Canada and I started working at the Daycare Centre Sept 2021  as a kitchen staff and floating around all the rooms I am very happy working with the kids, they’re the world to me.