Melodie G., Assistant Supervisor

I became a childcare professional because of my experience of being a mom and working at a centre where my child attended.  I realized my potential to exercise patience and also enjoyed engaging in activities with young children. Watching their curiosity as they explore their environment, I decided I wanted to aid in the development of young children.

“Children are our greatest untapped resource.”

— The Dalai Lama

I was fortunate to have been chosen for an Infant teacher position when an opening became available at St. Michael’s.  At St. Michael’s my passion for working with young children grew.  Though I enjoyed working with Infants I felt my personality was best suited working with Preschool children, I really appreciated their need to learn and need for autonomy, and strange as it sounds at the same time their need for dependency. I felt I had a lot to offer and was motivated to obtain a diploma in Early Childhood Education, which was made possible with the generous incentives offered by St. Michaels at the time.

Over the years the management team of St. Michael’s has upheld high standards and our philosophy of “Every child has the inherent right to develop to their full potential…” has become one of my own.  My years of working with a team of caring professionals who held similar professional values as myself, as well as building a warm family atmosphere has sealed my commitment to the centre.

I get great joy each day observing the children’s different personalities and their unique abilities.  I am proud that I can make a difference in a child’s life and that I can support their learning and overall development.

I enjoy many areas of programming; Sensory however would be my favourite activity as I feel it encourages language development, builds creativity and social skills.

As a parent myself, I too realize the importance of placing my child in an anti-bias environment which is loving and caring, supportive of my needs, provides optimal supervision, and will aid in the overall positive development of my child.