Toddler Room

Maria Fe S.

Earlier in my life, I realized how important the role of teachers/educators is in today’s society. My first close encounter with children was when I was a teenager. I volunteered at my school to assist with small tasks in a preschool room. At that moment, I realized that children’s minds work in amazing ways, and being a part of it was something I was growing passionate about. Each day I spent with these children I witnessed how they were discovering and navigating the world on their own while being supported by their teachers, I was truly impacted by this.

When I moved to Canada from Peru to study in college, I tried to find a program that suited me, and I came across Early Childhood Education. I remembered the work I did when I was younger, and I decided that I wanted to pursue that path. As I dived deeper into the field and learned more about child development, I was even more amazed by how wonderful children’s minds were and how important my role was. I recognized the profound significance of my role in their lives, and I found immense fulfillment in the impact I was making.

I have been working in childcare since 2021, and every day is a new experience, a new challenge, and a new opportunity for me to experience the wonders of learning. As an ECE, my goal is to create an environment that nurtures learning through empathy, belonging, and love.

Maisie Rae S.

I have been working at St. Michaels since May 2021. 

I never realized that I enjoyed being around children until I was playing with my baby nephew during family gatherings. In high school, I was working on a career assignment when I came across Early Childhood Education. After doing more research and learning about the career, that’s when I realized that this is the field I see myself in. 

After graduating at the end of 2020, I started to look for job positions when a family relative approached me about a job opening at St. Michaels. I immediately took the opportunity and applied for the position, and luckily I was hired as a contract ECE in May 2021. 

I had no idea what to expect when I got the position in the Infant Room. However, my nervousness went away day by day when I learned that the staff in the room were very supportive and accommodating. 

Since working at St. Michaels, I spent most of my time in the Infant Room, but if I’m needed in other rooms, I’m always welcome to lend a hand. This has allowed me to gain more experience with other age groups and get to know the individual children more better. 

One thing I would tell parents about St. Michaels is that it’s a loving and well-respected environment where staff will always do their best to meet the needs of children and families.