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I graduated in 1994 from George Brown and did supply at St. Michaels for a year. In 1997 a position became available in the Toddler Room for a Teacher position. I applied and was hired full-time, and have been here since (16 years).

From an early age I had done a lot of babysitting, right through my late teens. Getting married early and having my own children confirmed for me that at some point in my life I wanted to worked in the child care field.
When my children were in full time school I decided to go to college to get my ECE. At the time the faculty teacher told me I should enroll in the ECA program, because having my own children and working in the field can be very exhausting. I took the advice of the faculty advisor and enrolled in the ECA program.

During my course I had two placements, one was at a lab school of George Brown where I felt so uncomfortable as a biracial individual. It was not a multicultural environment at all, and seemed to contradict what I was taught in school. I spoke to the faculty advisor and my next placement was at St. Michaels – what a difference! Right away I felt at home, there was such a warm welcome from the staff and the parents.

Coming from a biracial family it is sometimes hard to fit in, but at St. Michaels I felt a really good sense of belonging and that I was valued as a person with my ethnic background.

One of the things I enjoy most of all at St. Michaels is our diversity in the centre. I feel it is very important to fit in at your workplace and I look forward to learning about many different cultures.

I love creative imagination through Art, Circle as well as Sensory – if it is messy I am there!

If you are looking for a quality centre it is St. Michaels, we are a bias-free centre comprised of all nationalities from our staff down to our food, activities and music. Come as you are and share your culture with us and we will embrace you with open arms.


I have been at St. Michaels for 4 years now (since 2009). I was a school teacher in the Philippines and had been teaching for 10 years before we decided to migrate here to Canada. I had the opportunity to continue my profession here. I got my first job as an Assistant Teacher at a Montessori Daycare Centre. My love and passion for working with children inspired me to pursue my career as an Educator here in Canada.

I had a permanent part-time position at another daycare centre when I came across the job opening for Assistant Teacher here at St. Michaels. I took the opportunity and applied for the position. Luckily I was hired and became a full-time Assistant Teacher in May 2009.

I had mixed emotions when I got the position, coming from another daycare I thought the adjustment period for me would be very difficult. My anxiety vanished day by day when I found that management and staff are very accommodating and supportive. As a matter of fact I was able to go back to school and get my RECE certificate in June 2011. The ambiance of this centre is very friendly. There is a rapport between staff, parents and children who made me decide to stay, love and enjoy my work even more. Diversity reflects in all aspects of our programming; from arts, music, menus, etc.

I am always looking forward to work every day, seeing the children’s smiling faces, their hugs and if it is your lucky day you might even get a kiss from them.

I love interacting with children, doing art activities, reading stories and singing songs. It is so amazing that every single day you will discover the uniqueness of each individual child. Working with children is very rewarding and I am so thankful being one of the staff of St. Michaels.

For parents who are looking for bias-free, multicultural diversity, and respect for individual uniqueness, then St. Michaels is the place to see.

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