The children are provided with opportunities to learn through play, using materials and experiences that encourage exploring, experiencing, questioning, and problem-solving.

Children develop skills appropriate to their stage of development through structured and unstructured play both indoors and outdoors. They are exposed to a wide variety of activities in art, science, music, dramatic play, sensory awareness, math, language, and more.

Each child is cared for in ways that encourage a positive self-concept, responsibility, independence, and a sense of security and happiness. They are helped to develop a sense of being a unique and important person, whose individuality is to be respected. They are also encouraged to respect the individuality and rights of others.

Age-appropriate limits are set for the children to ensure the safety and well-being of all.

Integrated Program

St. Michael and All Angels Day Care Centre serves some children who have special needs.

Their needs may be physical, developmental or emotional/behavioural. These children are integrated into our regular program. A resource consultant is available to assist in the integration process.