Please read some of our testimonials from current and former parents at the centre, if you’re one of our alumni and would like to send us a testimonial, you can send it to us here.


I could not have been happier with the care at St. Michael & All Angels Day Care. It was the first outside care that both of my children experienced, so I was happy when I realized how much the staff is like a big happy family. My children became part of that family very quickly! Although my kids have graduated from the centre, they still regularly ask to return to visit their old teachers who still mean a lot to them.

Daily routines at the centre are very structured. This helped with transitioning my children as they moved from the Infant, Toddler and Preschool rooms. The staff has a wealth of experience which helped them connect with the kids naturally, and support them through each stage and their changing abilities.

One of the greatest things about the centre for our family was that it was such a comfortable place for the children. They developed strong friendships in the neighbourhood. The staff seem to put a lot of emphasis on the children’s interactions and how to get along with everyone and have fun.

I recommend St. Michael’s to anyone interested in a daycare with transparent policies and procedures, and who is looking for a staff who really do care about the children!

Both my boys attended St. Mike’s, and they were treated wonderfully.  testimonial5_polaroidWe really came to view the St. Mike’s staff, children, and parents as part of our extended family.  Our older son made some really good friends and learned a lot, and our younger son eased into the daycare routine with exceptionally loving caregivers.

Thanks St. Mike’s for all you’ve done for our family.

My Son, who is turning 7 years old, has attended St. Michael’s and All Angels Daycare Centre since he was about a year old.testimonial2_polaroid As parents, we all wish we wouldn’t need daycare but the reality is, some have to work, and we are faced with that important decision of finding a great daycare that provides the love and care that our little ones deserve. St. Michael’s Daycare gives me peace of mind as a parent, knowing that while I’m away from son he’s being loved, kept safe and secure, and learning to interact with other children in the same age group, which was so important for the past 6 .5 years, We felt very fortunate to have Novea (Carrie) and all the staff at St. Michael’s Daycare who have made a positive experience for my son.

St. Michaels Daycare is well organized; the curriculum is engaging and special programs were great. The daycare is very diverse (staff and children come from many backgrounds) and they provide healthy and nutritious meals and snacks. We have felt that the staff are equipped to deal with medical issues they are all CPR certified.

My son started grade one this year and he took with him good hand-washing techniques and he learned at St. Michael’s Daycare. He still asks to go back to visit the staff because it was such a good experience for him!

My daughter attended St. Michaels and All Angels from the age of one until she turned five and entered full day kindergarten last September.  She loved her time there and moved through all the rooms from Baby to Senior Pre-school. My daughter was very sad to leave and still asks if we can stop by to say hello. The staff are caring and respectful and there is a real sense of enthusiasm and commitment to the children and their care and development.

testimonial4_polaroidBefore our son started going at St Michael Day Care, I visited the centre many times with him. I was always amazed that each time we visited the centre, any staff we would meet there would talk to him. I visited many other centres and never had a similar experience elsewhere. Our son started when he was 11 months. The supervisor and all the staff provided us with great advice to make the transition for my son and for myself as smooth as possible. Very quickly after he started, all the staff, including the staff from different rooms that sometimes I hadn’t even noticed, knew our son’s first name. Our son is very happy at the centre and he is always in an excellent mood when we pick him up and happy when we arrive in the morning. It is definitely a good experience for our family, our son is growing in a very friendly and caring atmosphere.

Going back to work after being with your child for a year was a highly anxious time not only for me, and my husband as well. I did a lot of research into local day care centres and toured many places. My husband and I visited St Michael’s and All Angels Daycare and knew right away that this place was different. We were greeted with open arms and had all of our questions/concerns addressed. We truly felt heard and appreciated the time and respect shown to us and our son. St Michael’s has the most wonderful, caring and compassionate staff anyone could ever ask for. We are so happy with our time at St Michael’s Daycare, for the love and care they had provided our son and us as new parents!

Forever in our hearts!

testimonial3_polaroidMy 2 sons attended St. Michaels Day Care between 2009 to 2012 and we really thought this place was pretty special. The caregivers are all wonderful, caring, attentive and creative. It’’s a place my two little men began at the early age of 1 to pre-school. They learned to make friends, engage in many activities, learn empathy, and really learn the skills needed to prepare for SK.

Every child was a part of the St. Michaels family. If a child needed that extra help to succeed in overcoming challenges St. Michael’s and their caregivers were very supportive and sensitive. They made sure that extra help was given. A lot of that credit had to be given to Carrie who we lost last year. She truly was an advocate for all the children and my son truly gained so much from her extra support.

Thank you St. Michaels and all the staff for making my son’s time there very meaningful and special.

From the time our children started attending St. Michael and All Angels Day Care Centre we felt welcomed and like a family. We have watched our children grow and evolve into all the different aspects of their lives, along with the other children they have met along the way. They have been in all rooms and all staff, including those who are no longer with us, have had a significant role in shaping who they are today. Thanks.

A child is a parent’s most precious treasure. When my husband and I first entrusted the care of our eldest son to St. Michael and All Angels Daycare Centre, we were a little nervous to leave our son in the care of people that we were only beginning to get to know. It was a leap of faith. However, we now have our second son in this daycare and we wouldn’t choose otherwise.

The staff at St. Michael are devoted, caring and full of positive energy. The atmosphere of the centre is warm, and feels like a big family. We feel very privileged to have found such a nurturing environment for our children. Further, many staff members have been at the centre for many years, a sign that this is a place where employees want to work for a long time. As a teacher, I particularly value a daycare centre that has staff that want to stay in the same workplace for the long haul.

I would wholeheartedly recommend St. Michael and All Angels Daycare Centre to other parents.

Something we always looked for in a day care was cleanliness, motivating activities and caring teachers. I found all of this and more at St. Michaels. My baby loved this place from the first day. She started in the toddler room and the teachers made her transition smooth and easy.
Her motor, social and language skills improved very fast and she keeps surprising us with new things she has learned at day care every day.

Thank you so much, St. Michael and All Angels Day Care.